HES E.E.I.G. aims to enhance, promote, and innovate the global tourism ecosystem, through the sharing of resources, activities and experiences of its members and partners, with particular attention to the values ​​related to sustainable growth.
The group aims to promote and support the growth of businesses, particularly in the hospitality tourism sector, by developing cooperation between institutional and business entities of one or more countries.
Particular attention is paid to the projects of HES E.E.I.G. to safeguard and enhance the historical, artistic, natural, and cultural resources of the territory and to promote them at an international level, to enhance tourism demand and development with respect and sustainability.
To this end, the Group puts the latest technologies at the service of the tourism ecosystem, encouraging the research and application of innovative solutions to this constantly evolving world, in which new needs are created every day.
The group also deals with training and communication, know-how transfer and process improvement.

HES E.E.I.G. it involves members from different European countries: its initial structure includes members from Hungary, Italy and later from Croatia, Germany, Spain, and Estonia.

The legal and operational headquarters of HES E.E.I.G. it is in Budapest (HU) and its projects extend to the entire community territory, with an opening also to the rest of the world.

The members of HES E.E.I.G. they come mainly from an established experience in the field of advanced hotel services aimed at international hotel companies.

Initial set-up

Through his projects HES E.E.I.G. wants to promote and support initiatives aimed at developing cultural exchanges, the comparison between identity and collaboration between peoples as well as economic, social, cultural integration and scientific development within and outside the European Union.

Forecast at the end of 2021

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